December 27th 1960 to January 27th 1961
From Ray Sturgess
The Photos in the album link below are of the Grik-Termengor road. When the road was completed it was 20 miles long, into the virgin jungle.
Work started at Kuala Rui and finished at the Sungie Perak six miles in.
Some of the road was built during the Japanese occupation, by prisoner of war.
Many bridges had to be built or re-built, over small rivers and when the ground was wet, the men were covered with leeches.
We were camped at Temain about 1000 yards from the Sungei Perak. We used to wash and do our washing in the Sungei Temain, which flowed into the Sungei Perak.

Please let Hank know if you recognise anyone in the photos.
Also any stories if you were involved in this project.


John Kitching Commander
ghurka engineers 1961 grik road roger cowel took over from him


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