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This site is run by myself ( Hank Lawrence) for the purpose of reuniting old comrades from the following Units that i served with during my twelve years in the army.

from 1958 aged 15 to 1969 aged 27.
58A Harrogate/Chepstow 1958-60
5 Fld Sqn RE 1961-62
11 Ind Fld Sqn RE 1962-65
Op Crown Thailand 1963-64
40 AESR Willich RE 1965-69

This website is for anyone who served with the above
units at anytime in there career.
Please check the whole of the welcome page
as i am always adding new items to the site and you could miss things of interest to you.
Before you do anything else
If you did serve in any of the units listed please contact me
with your details click on Hank.
Please Leave Comments.

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links to personnel websites
For members in my list.


It has come to my attention that a lot of REA Branches are in need of some
new members,
especially those in there 50s and 60s.
Existing membership at my branch seems to range from mid 70s to mid 80s
and they have been doing a brilliant job of
keeping the branch going for all these years.
So if you are willing and able please link to the REA website from the link
below for branch contact details

To have your name added please contact me via the link below
email me
Down right hand side of site are links to various sites for
reuniting servicemen.


To download photos from the albums try this. Create new folder in my documents and name it photos from website or what ever you think.
Open the photo into the larger view left click once.
Then right click on photo and from pop up box choose save picture as
Name it and go to the new folder you created and save as a jpeg.
Or download Picasa 3 and you can download single photo and whole albums
Any problems ring me.

Thanks for visiting the site and i trust it will be very helpfull to many of you and please do contact me if you wish to post any special events to do with your Unit.
Many thanks to all the lads already using the site for your help in getting things going.

Best wishes
Hank (Tich) Lawrence