Coventry Reunion for 2011

11 Indep Field Sqn RE

410 Indep Plant Troop RE
Coventry Reunion 2011
20th 21st 22nd May

The reunion will take place as proposed starting on the
 Friday 20th May at 14 Hrs until the morning of the 22nd May.
Please can everyone inform me when they have booked, also if your wife or partner will be with you and names please, this is important to me as it saves having to phone people up to check, Thank you.
Hank and myself are looking forward to meeting you all again and having a great weekend.
For full booking details
contacts below
Richard (Nobby) Clarke
will be on the weekend of May 20th 21st 22nd 

if interested let Nobby or Hank know Nobby on 01594834749 OR mail@CLARKE8050.PLUS.COM 

Persons who attended


  1. 19th feb and we have 52 rooms booked already and eleven if those are from 410 plant, and so far 76 people have said they are staying in for the friday evening dinner, I hope to have the final MENU for this in the next few days.
    This is all great news as it looks we will have about the same turnout as last year.
    I still have plenty of rooms reserved for us.

  2. Richard Clarke13/4/11 09:34

    13th April we now have 67 rooms booked and 77 men attending with the ladies 130 intotal & still some still to book so it looks like it's going to be a good one.

  3. Richard (Nobby) Clarke23/4/11 16:06

    We now have 70 rooms booked and still more rooms available at £105 for the weekend per room for two people.and 78 men coming some are sharing with old friends.
    With the ladies 137 people in total.
    I am looking forward to meeting my old friends again from 54 years ago.

  4. Our best wishes to you all at the reunion this weekend.

    Shirley and I hope to be with you again next year.


    Adrian Rogers

  5. Richard (Nobby) Clarke22/5/11 18:14

    Well what a great weekend everyone turned up weather was kind to us lots of old friends meeting again and I met a friend from 51 years ago as well as my yearly meeting up with others roll on next year.

  6. Anonymous23/5/11 16:04

    Dave Yeo another good weekend most of the old regulars were there as usual one or to new faces,welcome to John Gore an his wife Vicky lets see if we can find a few more for next year


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