Mini Reunion Gun Wharf Portsmouth 2008

John Young himself served on Ops crown and at Terendak during the hand-over ceremony.

here is our reunion story.

For quite a number of years John Jackett and I have searched for several of our old service pals, and through Hank and John's Op Crown sites we have located several.One of our pals Sonny Marlow had returned to his home in the Seychelles and our chances were few and far between of ever locating him, then quite out of the blue Sonny's brother-in -law John Young discovered his photos on the sites.

At that time Sonny and his wife were visiting the UK so John organized a mini reunion at Gun Wharf in Portsmouth.Sonny had served with us on all the on going operations, Borneo, Malaya Peninsula and Operation Crown, he introduced us to the culinary delights of the local wild life offsetting the tedium of the old 10 man ration pack.We spent the day looking at our old photographs and wondering where the other lads of our team are and no doubt through the Ops Crown sites we will locate them.

Brett Bretton and John Jackett.


The beautiful Isle Of Wight was the backdrop for the reunion after thirty nine years of John Elliott and Mick Allen. These pals served together in 34 Fld Sqn including a stint for the UN in Cyprus. The pix below shows Mick and John on headland above the seaside town of Sandown. The next shot down is of John and his lovely wife Carol. Carol will be accompanying her 'Hubby' to next years reunion, the shopping trip to Salisbury was the clincher for her. We look forward to seeing you next year folks.

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