11 Squadron Reunion Coventry 2009

Our Reunion Held

5th 6th & 7th June 2009

If i missed anyone please let me know

We would like to thank you all for helping to make this years reunion

an even bigger success than last year.
Richard Nobby Clarke organiser
Hank Lawrence webmaster.
We would like to thank
Peter and Ann Sutton
for there part in organising
The Raffle which raised £342
£35 of this was given to the staff
in appreciation for there excellent service
to us all.
A cheque for £307 has been sent to
the RE Benevolent Fund today 8 June 09
Your Letters about Reunion
Hi Nobby and Hank. A really great weekend. We must congratulate you on the organisation (again) and thank you for all your hard work. For us, the magic moment came as we all sat down to Dinner on the saturday night. Just like a Squadron Dinner should be like. Many thanks. Looking forward to 4,5 and 6 June next year.
Yours aye. Chris/Smudge/JB & Margaret Smith
Hank, great to see you again(Sat. A M),allbeit very very breifly as I was only passing through,ironicly on my way to another old ex R.E. do from my days with the amphibious boys...Catch you next year, make the Coventry reunion my first priority...Best regards.
Alan Hollyoak, (the plumber)
I wanted to say “Well Done” to both you and Richard. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and there didn’t appear to be any hiccups. It really was quite a remarkable event. I Have written e-mails to people I promised, which includes Alan Hodges.
Gordon Chave
Hi Hank I felt I had to let you know that I found the weekend to be fabulous it was so good to see so many "old" faces. I am not going to mention anyone in particular but just having a few pints & one or two whiskies and grabbing hold of the odd sandbag was great fun. A great week end and I hope to return.
Many Thanks John Olford.
Dear Richard and Hank, Thanks for all the hard work that went into making a very enjoyable and well organised weekend. See you next year.
Regards, Doug and Sue Hamilton-Cox
Hi Hank/ Nobby,
Jeanette and I would like say thanks for a great weekend at Coventry, the company was great and hotel plus food was excellent looking forward to 2010,
well done lads I think every one enjoyed it.
Geoff & Jeanette Lambourne
Many thanks for all the hard work over the w'end, much appreciated,
we met several more new friends plus Chris met one of the men who dug him out
when he was buried whilst on bomb disposal,
that was very special to me.
Kind regards Chris & Jan Enoch
What a great weekend! I can't believe 40 years have gone by and all those memories came back as though they were yesterday.
Thank you and Nobby for a wonderful job in making it such a success.
The venue was good too with good food and excellent service from the staff.
I wish we could come back next year but it's a long way!
Cheers Adrian & Shirley Rogers
Hi Hank .Another fantastic weekend.
Definately be attending next year
Steve Wilby
The re-union was a brilliant affair and went off very well.
It is amazing that I met blokes that were in bomb disposal with me as well as our special SQUADRON.
The work that went into the weekend was impressive and for one I wish to thank both
of you for that effort.
As far as I know everyone enjoyed the weekend and they all mixed well, even if they were from different periods of service.
Anyway, much congratulations and thanks are due to you both and may your jungle trained skills stand you in good stead for the future.
Wer'e a shower of b******s, b******s are we,
Bill Kibble.
Just to say thank you for a most enjoyable weekend at an excellent venue. Thank you for all your hard work -it was a great success and pleased to see that the staff were rewarded for all their excellent service.
Dermont and Jenny Richards
Just to say my wife and i had a very good time last week-end, but was soon brought down to earth with the call we had from Joe Cottons Wife to tell us he had passed away on the Monday Morning, i could not believe it. I will be going to his funeral as soon as i know when and where it will be held.
Speak to you soon. Taffy. Bishop
Hello Hank , just a few words to say that I had a great weekend at Coventry , much more than I expected. It made the long flight home to Australia really worthwhile.I go into hospital July 1st to get my other hip replaced so I should be up for next year too .
Thanks , jimmy farrell
hello Hank and Nobby,thanks for an excellent weekend,
will see you next year hopefully with the wife,
Fred Collings
Firstly I would like you to know how much we enjoyed the "Bash" in Coventry
Will certainly be attending next year.
Best regards Pete & Cheryl


  1. Tony & Sheila Goodridge10/6/09 18:30

    Hello Hank & Nobby
    Just a note to thank you both for organising a super and successful weekend your hard work was appreciated by us.
    Hopefully we will see you in Coventry in 2010.
    Thanks once again from
    Tony & Sheila Goodridge

  2. Anonymous17/6/09 16:51

    hello Hank and Nobby,thanks for an excellent weekend,will see you next year hopefully with the wife,Fred Collings

  3. Anonymous19/6/09 12:39

    we're sorry we missed you all at Coventry. Joan and I would like to say thank you for all the kind thoughts and wishes. Joan is now on the mend and we are both looking forward to 2010 to make up for lost time. See you all then

    Joan and Sandy Melville


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