Dear Friends

List Of those who attended
 Fred and Milly Aldred 1949-55
 Norman and Rose Donaldson 1951-1952
 John and Lucy Bishop 1954-57
 Ron and Chris Carter 1954-1957
Ray and Pauline Lambert 1954-1957
 Fred and Jessy Marshall 1954-55 
John and June Strudley 1954-57 
 Terry and Judy Davis (410) 1955-57 
 Chris and Jan Enoch 1955-57
Dawson Powell 1955-58   with Graham Avery
Yanto and Pat Nolan 1956-58 
Allen and Jean Jermy 1956-59
 Brian Billy and Lillian Purvis 1956-1958
 Peter and Ann Sutton 1956-59
 Roy Devlin 1957-58    share with Steve Wilby
Brian Lord 1957-59  saturday*
 Bill and Maureen Murison 1957-1959 
Bob Williamson 1956-59
 Richard Clarke 1957-60 
 Pete Dance 1957-60  To share with Crowford
 Dave and Pam Brunning 1958-60 
 Caris and Peggy Evans 1958-59 
 Bill Cole 1959-62 
 John Docherty 1959-1962  
 Peter Keddie 1959-62 
 John and Margaret Farrell 1959-1962 
 John Flynn 1959-61
Barry Foot 1959-62 
 Frank Sowerby 1959-62
 Ian and Pat Kennedy 1960-63 
 Brian and Ann Marshall 1960-63 
 Charles and Kathleen Waddington 1960-1963 
 Chris and Margaret Smith 1960-1963 and 1965-1968 
 John and Margaret Bell (410) 1961-62 
  (Jackie and Lesley Gavin) Wife and Daughter of Barry. 1961-1963 
 Jimmy Farrell 1961-64 
Geoff and Jeanette Lambourne 1961-64 
 Sandy and Joan Melville 1961-65 
Jim and Shiela Scoular 1961-62 
 Peter and Colette Lamont ACC 1961-64 
 Bill  Stuart 1961-64 
Kenny and Janet Williams 1961-1964 
Mike Clemence 1962-65
 George (jock) and Carol Dick 1962-65
 Fred and Caroline Frape 1962-65  
Gerry and Veronica Gleeson 1962-65  
KC Holder 1962-65
Russell and Mildred Jones 1962-1964
 Hank Lawrence 1962-65 
 Tony and Jen Mitchell 1962-1965 
 Sammy and Jean Moore 1962-65 
 Ferny and Pat Tout 1962-65 
 Geoff and Frances Fagg 1963-66
Barbara Wakem (Hartigan) 1963-65 
Dave Perchard 1963-66 
 Eddie  Vincent 1963-66
 Bill Anderson 1964-66 
 Gordon and Vicki Chave 1964-66 
 Bill and Carol Crothers 1964-67
 Bob sailor Crowford 1964-67    Pete Dance
 Dave and Wendy Yeo 1964-67
 Mick and Jill Yeo 1964-1967 
 Terry Bridges 1965-68 and Bob Holme 1966-68
 Harry and Babs Brittain 1965-1968 
 Andy and Gwyn Capper 1965-68 
 John and Valerie Cusack 1965-67 
 Doug and Sue Hamilton-Cox 1965-68 
 Steve Wilby 1967-70   share Roy Devlin
 Peter Kennedy 1959-60  and Joe Robson 1968-70    
 Bryan and Maureen Packman 1968-70 
 Melvyn and Janet Wood 1968-1970 
 Peter and Maureen Alexander 1967-69  
 Graham mick Avery 1968-69  with dawson powell


  1. Hank Lawrence 1 Troop 1962-65 From Bournemouth
    Yes i will be attending and very much look forward to seeing you all again plus a few new faces we have made contact with this year and those we hope to find in the future.

  2. Richard Clarke22/9/09 14:59

    2009 we had a total of 134 people attending and it looks like we will excede this in 2010 we are hoping to change some things a little, at the moment I am still talking with the hotel and will send out the full details later in the year. Heidi and myself are looking forward to meeting you all again and hopefully those missing faces. regards Richard(nobby)

  3. Anonymous22/9/09 19:12


  4. Hank Bob williamson said add his names to list

  5. Anonymous23/9/09 15:41

    Hi Hank, Can you add Jeanette and Myself to
    the 2010 Coventry list please. Geoff Lambourne

  6. Anonymous27/9/09 19:35

    Hi Hank
    You can add myself and Lesley to the 2010 Covenary list please.

    Jackie Gavin.

  7. Hi Hank
    This is to confirm that Cheryl & I will be attending the Coventry reunion.
    Regards Peter Keddie

  8. Forgive my appalling memory for names(Terendak 1966-1968) Althseimers kicking in. lovely to see some of the names in Hanks list - Sid Hutchings,Jackie Book, Johny Olford, Maurice Day, Dennis Holroyd, Ken Houston-Robb, Fred Collings, Dave Purvis - the rest are a dim haze only due to my aging processes. Love to hear from Jock Day, Tom Smit,Les Thornton, Ginge Bottomley and others.
    Visited Terendak earlier this year and had a guided tour of the place by the Malay Paratroops.
    Very sad to see the place in dissaray - no longer the pristine golf course lawns. Lots of lean-toos next to dilapidated quarters. Hospital just the same - strip outside not changed much either. Couldnt find kohima lines.
    cemetary looking sad but ok.
    will post some pics if I ever learn how to do it
    Rod Horner - MFO guy in the QMs Compound - not guilty if any went missing.
    44 Fd Pk Sqn Spr
    11 Indep Fd Sqn Spr
    10 Fd Sqn Spr/Lcpl
    HQRE 3 Div Cpl
    24 Fd Sqn Cpl
    1 Trg Regt Sgt
    1st Fortress Sqn Sgt
    RE Docs Team SSgt
    HQRE 1 Div WO2
    25 Engr Regt Wo2
    36 Engr Regt Wo1
    RSME Capt
    Estate Agent
    Marble and Granite
    still working like a nut

  9. Richard ( Nobby) Clarke30/10/09 11:24

    Please add Jimmy & Ann Thrippleton ex 1 troop 1957-60 to the reunion list.

  10. Richard(Nobby) Clarke30/10/09 11:44

    Please add Fred & Jessy Marshall 1954-55 to the reunion list.

  11. Nobby Clarke30/10/09 17:22

    Hank put Dawson (Taffy) Powell down on the list as comming.

  12. Richard (Nobby) Clarke11/12/09 19:43

    I am realy pleased to see that Fred & Milly Aldred will be coming to the coventry reunion. Fred was in the Sqn back in 1949 till 1955 so will be the oldest serving member from the Sqn.
    he also organizes the Bath reunion in October
    the original reunion.

  13. Fred Aldred here
    There is no reason why you can't join me and some of the other old timers, plus some under 70 at Bath in October. Just give me a call 01254830710 or E mail me @ would love to hear from you

  14. Anonymous15/1/10 23:17

    Ken&Jan Williams booked for Coventry Hank.

  15. Good news we now have 43 rooms booked with four months still to go but do not leave it to late to get the room you want ?
    As we have a lot of names who have not booked yet who say that they intend to come.
    If you have any problem with this please let me know so I can help.
    Richard(Nobby) Clarke

  16. Richard Clarke19/2/10 18:59

    As you can see we now have 52 rooms booked out of the 90 rooms I have block booked and on my list 42 more men who have said they want to come but have not booked yet so do not leave it to late! as the hotel will other guests that weekend.

  17. Dear all

    Just a note to say Shirley and I hope you have a great weekend at the reunion. We enjoyed meeting you all last year and have very fond memories. Sorry we can't make it but hope we can get to see you again another time.

    I received a surprise call from Ray Goymer in Sydney a couple of days ago. I remember him doing the pay for a time and he found Shirley and me our very first home - a hiring at 4979 Bukit Bahru, Malacca!

    I believe he was tracked down by Hank - well done! We had a good old chat and he hadn't heard of the PJM so I'm able to help him with that.

    Avagoodweekend and best wishes to you all.

    Adrian & Shirley Rogers


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