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I was informed today by Dorothy Woods

that Jim passed away in the early hours
of today 4 March 2010
I extend condolances from us all to
Dorothy and family
Jim served with the Sqn
and 1959-62 with 410

This article should be of interest to most of you.
Psychological Warfare of the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960 __________________________________________

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Peter Campbell
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Maj Gen Rtd
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Want the 11 Ind Fld Sqn Tie
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It has been proposed by Dave Yeo 1964-67
and backed up by several at Coventry Reunion in June,
That an 11 Sqn tie be produced as link below
the lettering will be embroidered.
If an order of 50 can be placed the cost is £10 each.
We need your feedback on this matter please
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Message for Ray Coleman
Are you receiving my email's Please
Special request
If any of you have stories of your time with Norman Noddle
who passed May 2008
His wife Jean would very much like to hear them
So start getting that grey matter working and email
me with them

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From Denis Holroyd
Would really appreciate it if you could fit this photo in somewhere on the web site,
my daughter Hannah and I after her induction into officer training school,
after going through the ranks in the Canadian military,
induction was 2008/09/01
R.M.C. Kingston , Ontario,Canada.

Take care,
I have just read Roy Follows first book The Jungle Beat. I can recommend this book as a must to any of the lads who spent time in the Jungle especially at the forts as it brings back lots of memories, a cracking read.
It can be purchased from EYE BOOKS at
Price £7.99
Can’t wait for his new book the Jungle Forts, which incidentally will mention 11 Independent as one of the fort builders.
Regards Nobby
May 2014
Sad to announce that Roy Passed
Sept 2013
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Jackie Gavin wife of
Barry 1961-63 who passed away May 2004
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Can anyone tell us who was Gordon Chave's driver on Op Crown 1964
they appear in a photo of the football team he is 3rd from right rear
Possible names from Bill Anderson 8 Sept 08
Pete Halliwell or Fred Embey
New call for help. 15 july 08
Hi Hank,Came upon your website whilst looking for info on air accident in Borneo in which my brother Lcpl William Jack was killed on 12.04.65, his body was never recovered. Unfortunately, I have no memory of him as I was only 18mths old at the time. I was wondering if anyone on your site may remember him (long shot). I dont have much info other than he was based at Aldershot and served in Borneo 1962-65, with 23rd Parachute Field Amulance in Sarawak area I think. He was also stationed in Cyprus previously. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Terrie Jack
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Charles Waddington Sqn Clerke 1960-1963

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Fred Frape 1962-1965
Just Recovering from his opperation best wishe from all
Dermont Richards 1962-1966 Plant
Ray Theakston 1966-1968
Can You help with the following
Hank, I am an ex aust sgt who was attached to HQFARELF in Singapore in June 1962, billeted at REME Rowcroft Lines Singapore and supported 28 COMWEALTH BDE GP in EX TRUMPETRER. Part of 274 Liaison Unit commanded by Lt col Frank Skinner, Capt Derek Jones Admin, WO Len Harvey also in unit. Do you have any knowledge of KETTLEDRUM or BUCKRUM.Grateful for reply.
Thank you for your reply. The time was 1962 in Singapore and Malaya with HQFARELF and GCHQ Phoenix Park Tanglin. Exercise Trumpeter was held in June 1962 and involved UK, Aust, NZ, Malay troops training for Buckram, the plan to support LAOS in the event that country was overrun by Chicom forces. I had hoped you might have been with FARELF or 28 Comwealth Bde at this time. Many thanks

New contact from South Africa
L/Cpl John M taff Lewis 1969-70
Help Reqd
Dear Hank. I'm looking to write a book about the little known Malaysian jungle forts and the important role they played during the emergency. With the 11th Ind Sqn REs and other units of your Regiment being involved in the building of Fort Tapong and the making of airstrips at some of the other forts, I would appreciate it ,if you would kindly put an appeal on your web site, asking for information, stories anything related to jungle forts. There were twelve official jungle forts all under Malay/sian Police control. They were Fort Brooke, Shean, Dixon, Chabai ,Kemar, Legap, Iskandar, Telanok, Langkap, Selim, Sinderhut and Tapong . Fort Iskander in Southern Pahang was the first fort to be established and was built by Malay Police operational units . Fort Tapong was the last one to be built. Some of these forts are still in existance, but not Fort Tapong, which now lies deep underwater in a vast reservoir . I myself served in the Malay/sian Police for over eight years (from 1952 )during the emergency, where for most of my time I was a platoon commander with a Police Jungle company engaged on operations,and for about eight months I was the commander of Fort Brooke, which is still there. Anyone who thinks they can help me with information about jungle forts , please email me at .Thank you.Roy Follows.
Latest additions To Sqn List
Sammy Moore 1962-1965 1 Troop S/Sgt
Tony Mornement OBE. Plant Troop Cmd 1964
Rex Osborne 1 Troop Cmd 1964-65
Stuart Symonds 1 Troop Cmd then 2 IC 1958-61
Ron Taffy Davies 1955-1957

The following video clip was taken by Wally Gee
1 Troop 1962-65

Thanks Wally
Could all the people who served on OP Crown that i have not
listed in the op crown roll call please email me with dates
They were there, Thanks Hank ______________________________________________________

From Harry Ramsay REME

Just to let you know that Frank Robinson served with the sqdn. from jan.66 to july 68 and twice in crown in 66 and 67/68. Sadly Frank died in a car accident in jan. 91. thought you might like to put his details on the unit roll thanks

15 Jan o8
New Addition to the roll call
Bernard Waslin Living in Australia

New Names added
Chris Enoch 1 troop 1955-58
Bill Purvis 1 troop 1956-58
Ron Worth 1956-58
Sid Hutchings 1 troop 1961-64 plus 1966-69
1 st Dec 07

Welcome to Dave Batterley and his brother Stuart1


We are looking for Sandy Shields served with Fred Gray
Moved to New Zealand
Can anyone remember the name of the Scotsman from 3 Troop who married a Chinese girl when he was at Butterworth 1958-1961 I met him again in 30 Sqn Germany I would like to find him again.
Richard (Nobby) Clarke Tel 01594834749

Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal

Those members of the United Kingdom Force who were on the posted strength of a unit or formation and served in the prescribed operational area of Malaysia and Singapore, in direct support of operations in Malaysia for 90 days or more, in the aggregate, as follows:
(1) Malaysia during the period 31 August 1957 and 12 August 1966 inclusive; or
(2) Singapore during the period 31 August 1957 and 9 August 1965 inclusive.

Go To NMBVA link and download Application form


Received from Gordon Chave

have just read your website, and was directed to it by Alan Hodges, who was the
2 Troop captain of the Australian troop in 11 Sqn.

At that time I was second in command of 11 Sqn. and remain very
proud to have been so. Sadly I have to report that the O.C., John Stevens, died of lung cancer
about 2 weeks ago. The Australian troop already know of this.I have also contacted Tom Thornton,
the then SSM, who has not been too well himself. At John's funeral, I met Nick Whatley, who headed the Plant Troop.
I would like to send greetings to the Yeo brothers, who I remember well, and I think will remember
me as a footballer, or indeed any other sport.

Proof that the power of the internet is great.
This is from Brian Hobbs Living in Florida
He searched for RE websites and hey Presto,.
Thanks for your reply Hank. I live in Florida .I came upon your site whilst searching for various RE sites. In particular I was trying to contact Alan Holyoak who shows many pics on various RE sites and with whom I served in FARELF. Its great to have people such as yourself who take so much trouble to do something which benefits those of us without either the time ,expertise or perhaps more honestly the inclination to do something that helps contact and keep in touch with old friends. Many many thanks..

Yours Brian Hobbs Served 11 Sqn 1967-1969
Update 24 August 08 Brian and Alan have been reunited

Also need help with finding Alan Grubey/Gruby. He married chinese girl.
was with 11sqn, 62-65

Tony Catherall Receiving
Pingat Jasa Medal.
Click on picture to enlarge


Also note from Ray Lambert.
One person I would like to find is a chap by the name of Kenny (Ken) Steads, so if it should come up let me know, its strange he has not appeared before as he was into technical things, and computers would be right up his street.
Regards Ray Lambert

This is a message i received from an Exe A.C.C member who served Borneo
Hi my name is Fred (nobby) Clarke I was in kota Belud in 1962/63 there was a field sqn with some aussie and malaysian engineers building a training camp which was nicknamed silver city the metal huts were i beleive called godalphins, they were also building bailey bridges across the Tamposik duo. If Any one can remember The Clerk of works i would love his name.
Please get in touch via Hank who has my details.
If you have not yet checked out Pams Site about

208 Signals Terendak it is worth a look.

The photos of the camp etc are great Follow the link below

Thanks for this PAM

____________________________________________________________________ COLONEL J H G STEVENS

Born 19 July 1927, died 12 October 2007, aged 80.
John Stevens almost exactly fitted the age-old definition that a good sapper should be a soldier first and an engineer second. With his qualifications, experience and ability, his attributes were well balanced and he would have made an excellent Engineer in Chief. Sadly it was not to be.
Born in 1927 and educated at the John Lyon School, Harrow, his abilities were soon apparent and he was Head Boy. Commissioned into the Corps in 1947, courses at Chatham and Shrivenham followed where he proved to be bright yet modest and always ready to help others.
John then learnt his trade in 23 Engineer Regiment, formerly 2 Divisional Engineers, which had been static in Dortmund for many years. He was the 2IC of the Field Park Suadron,then was appointed Adjutant.
In 1952 John married Norma, who he had known since childhood and they soon became a strong team at the heart of a happy and friendly regiment. The following years were busy for John, with the unusual combination of the Staff College, and the Long Engineer course in Chatham, then a staff appointment in Aden, a hot spot in more senses than one.
The Stevens were fully involved in the social life of Aden and were renowned for their friendly hospitality. John was ideally qualified for his next appointment as OC of 11 Independent Field Squadron, the last RE Field Force unit to be stationed in the Far East. This was the plum majors appointment in the Corps, and with additional plant and an Australian Troop under command, the squadron were committed to constructing the Op Crown airfield in NE Thailand. John always looked back on his time in Thailand as a happy and fulfilling tour and all ranks of the squadron including the Australians and still remember him with affection and respect.
Twenty years later when he was working in Bangkok after leaving the Army he paid a return visit to the airfield and wrote an amusing article in the RE Journal describing how he found it.
After attending the Joint Services Staff college, in 1968 John returned to command 35 Engineer Regiment in a very different BAOR from the one he let in the mid fifties. The cold war still prevailed and the Army was gradually being re-equipped and brought up to date. The RE orbat was entirely reconstructed to provide an engineer regiment for each brigade.
John revelled in the appointment and quickly developed the qualities necessary to meet every challenge. His value as leader, organiser and administrator, as well as an engineer, came to the fore and he was highly respected by his seniors and by the commanders of other arms in his Division.
Hameln was a large garrison with numerous ancillary and administrative units but John’s knowledge of, and interest in garrison matters was of great assistance to the absentee Garrison Commander located 40 miles away. Every problem was assessed carefully, the views of others were listened to and a balance and sensible solution evolved.
Hameln was followed by a return to Camberley as a Divisional Colonel at the Staff College and although most competent and popular with students and Directing staff he surprisingly failed to be selected for promotion to Brigadier. After a final two years with 12 Engineer Brigade, John decided to leave the Army but with his qualifications and experience he was soon snapped up by Randal, Palmer and Tritton; probably the most esteemed consulting engineers in the country. A few busy years followed as Resident Engineer of major projects in Bahrain, Libya and Bangkok.
Looking for a more settled life, John left the Consultants and became Director of Haigh Homes, the organisation which owned hundreds of homes nationwide. These British Legion homes, built for ex Servicemen were in dire need of renovation and John masterminded a vast rebuild and modernisation programme to bring them up to date.
After reaching his formal retirement age, John joined RedR as a voluntary instructor for the specialists from various engineering backgrounds, who offered their services for disaster relief. He thoroughly enjoyed the work and was an ideal choice for it, as much of it was based upon the Sapper stick and string approach rather than upon sophisticated engineering.
He was a glutton for work and up to the time of his death was an intensely active Welfare Officer for the Royal British Legion. He earned a reputation [and the Legions Special Award] for taking on the powers that be and achieving the best possible support and help for every deserving case. Amidst his many activities, John managed to find time for his love of sailing where he made many friends. He was a most competent and cheerful ship mate and an excellent navigator. In his sailing, as in other aspects of life, he managed to combine a thorough and professional approach with a sense of fun and determination to enjoy life.
John may have been highly qualified and multi-talented as a sapper, but as a man he was loved by many for his impretentioness his absolute integrity and his friendly approach to all.
He will be sadly missed by Norma, who wonderfully supported him, by Debbie and Greg, and by so many others.

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  1. I served with 11 Sqn Plant Section at Terandak from June 1967 till Dec 69. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers Maureen and myself, particularly Paddy and Jean Coyle

  2. Anonymous25/6/07 15:36

    Tony Mitchell
    the following lads who served at the same time have passed on. Jock Brown cpl 1 troop, Ginge Hammond, same group boys service, Tony Holmshaw plt ftr

  3. I was at the Ripon REA weekend in May along with Donald McGilp,Charlie McBain and Joe Robson.We were all at Terendak till 1970.Joe has great memory about all the things that went on in the Sqn and a lot of names are stored in his head.I see Nobby Clarks name mentioned,Nobby along with Bryan Packman were my section NCO's.We were called (PPS)Packmans Penal Section because of all the crap jobs we got. Still it was a special Sqn for a lot of us

  4. Anonymous27/6/07 21:48

    Sgt George completed his service with 52 Fd Sqn (Constr) RE and was discharged at Tidworth - Approx Feb 78.

  5. Anonymous1/7/07 10:09

    Nobby clarke again 11 Ind has a reunion every year at Bath in October anyone interested contact Fred Aldred on 01254 830710 or
    we must not forget the Sqn goes back to 1948 and this year Fred has got ties to celebrate this.
    Fred was in the sqn at this time right up to Malay days in MT its not just the old guys but us young one's!! as well that go along.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Anonymous17/7/07 18:58

    john lawton i served in 11 sqn plant section 68 70 if pete alexander reads this we remember you and maureen hope you are all well

  8. Hi John, great to hear from you. We are doing just fine and enjoying retirement to the full. Please drop me an Email

  9. Sites beginning to look good Hank,keep up the good work.Sorry I can't manage to come to the reunion in October.I'm off on holiday end of Septmber and then down to Dover for our Junior Leaders reunion on the 5th October.Will make arrangement to come to 11 Sqn reunion next year.All the best to everyone who knows me. Jim

  10. Anonymous21/9/07 14:57

    Brian Hobbs.

    Just Found this site.
    Glad to see that Joe Robson, Nobby Clark, Pete Alexander , Brian Packman and others from 67 - 69 era are still around. Joe have you ever heard from Harry Brindley or Dick Keens. Anyone wishing to contact me would look forward to hearing from you at:

  11. Anonymous4/10/08 10:08

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Anonymous4/10/08 17:46

    The 2009 Coventry reunion will take place on the 5th till 7th June
    we hade nintyseven this year lets make it a lot more in 2009.
    Contact me on or 01594834749.
    Or Hank on this website.
    Richard(Nobby) Clarke 1957-60

  13. Hi
    Fred Aldred Here, Just returned from the 6oth anniversary reunion of the Squadron. Very good turnout and much enjoyed by all of us. Next year's reunionis to be on 9th&10th October and I have arranged to have a number of rooms pecilled in guaged on this years figures. I look forward to meeting any of our Squadron and am able to accommodate up to 100. If you want details give me a ring on 01254830710 or E Mail I promise I dont Bite.
    Look forward to hearing from you . I have several who wre in the Sqn in the 60s
    Regards Fred

  14. I see a photo of Pete Dance, any chance you were with 31Armd when I arrived in 1970

  15. testing comments

  16. dear hank

    I arrived at 11sqn in june 65 and was posted into park trp in the workshops section as i had just finnished trade trg at R.S.M.E.

    I took over the water supply task from scouse sumpter who moved onto 1 troop.

    NEXT - STOP op crown 65-66 i worked in the R.E.M.E. worshops with JOHN KENYONwho
    was the welder in the same workshop.
    MAY66-AUG67 saw many different locations including LAOS.the team that eventually did get to travel LAOS was drawn from all the different troops each having thier own skills.

    scouse sumpter & myself for the water supply
    taff morriss engine maintenance
    jimmy dow electricianl
    Brian mellet was snco ( brian was my SSM when iwas an instructor @DOVER 71-73)

    we did some good work in LAOS but were rewarded with a lot off parties after the task was completed,from all the different embassy,s
    aug67 -jan68 back to POST CROWN working with plant fitters both at the tented camp and at base camp
    On leaving thailand i did get a lasting feel of pride my flight back to terendak left from our airstrip not the yanks.
    JAN68 DEC69 seved with30sqn in HAMELN many people from both 11sqn 59sqn and54sqn where posted into HAMELN.
    JAN70-JUNE71 returned back to 54sqn to help with the sale of all the engineering eqpt
    and the barracks (terendak was sold to the malay army i believe to be for 1p)
    the golf course was turned back into paddy, the swimming could not be maintained
    properly and was closed down
    singapore like wise was more or less given away

    MY wife and i have had the good fortune to visit the fareast on holidays and ther are some
    sound memories still standing in ltd of places.
    i left the army in 1977 as a snco. being down graded medically with my eye sight
    Had a fight with a ira trap and came second.

    a couple of people i would like to say hi to BERNIE LOWE best man at my wedding
    (was OCs wireless operature)
    and HARRY MOORE electrician park trp

  17. Anonymous22/2/09 13:08

    My father was in the 11th Ind.Fld Squadron. His name was Jerry Ruff and was married to Jo/Joanne Ruff.
    In 1965 they were stationed in Terendak Camp. My mother returned to England in 1966.
    I am trying to locate a friend of them, his name is Ken/Kenneth?
    I have a photo of him and my mother so I can post it if asked for.
    I hope someone can help me!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. John Green23/4/09 10:54

    Thanks for the site it stirred up some good times,contact details are
    This you can add for the use of all. I'm trying to get in touch with Fred Collins if you can help & when I get used to the siteI'll post some photos.

    Walk Slow & Drink lots of tea John(Mad)Green.

  20. Hi Hank
    served in 11sqn 1965 to 1968 a time never to be forgotten, ( great)2 tours at op crown and met some great lads. love to be able to contact some ; Johnny spriggs, taff morris, johnny gore and anybody who remembers me

  21. Message for Bob last comment please contact me with your contact details via the contact me link

  22. Dear Hank,
    Many thanks for your letter received today - you have indeed found the Dick Leonard who was a Troop S/Sgt in 11 Sqn - Feb 1967 to Apr 69. I have had a first look at your blogspot and many congratulations for doing such a good job, I have enjoyed myself in looking at parts of it and will enjoy catching up with the rest of the news.
    Having been a "BAOR warrior" and a party training sergeant at Cove I got married in Aug 1966 and was then posted to 59 Sqn in Singapore as a Troop Sergeant. I arrived as 59 were coming back from Op Crown and who were then going on leave and also had to put up with "war stories" from my wife, Pat, who had been in Singapore 10 years earlier with her father who was RAOC and stationed just over the causeway at the vehicle depot in Malaya although living in Singapore. Pat must have been Sapper influenced as she went to school in Gillman Barracks which is where 59 Sqn were stationed. 59 did not really have a job for me and I kept standing in for those on leave or ill but I do recall 2Lt (later Brigadier and E-in-C) Ian McGill and Mick Pallott was a troop sergeant. 11 Sqn then had a vacancy for a Troop S/Sgt and Colonel (later Brigadier) Peter Alwyn-Foster (ex OC 30 Sqn and ex CRE Operations in Borneo) flew me up in a Beaver light aircraft to Malacca and told me I was promoted and there to fill the vacancy! I recall the first job was the air portable bridge trials from almost the Thailand border all the way down to Singapore under Captain Mike Payne who moved on to become Sqn 2i/c. I was Troop Staffie of both 1 and 3 Troops, having to move when the "other" Brit Staff Sergeant (who shall remain nameless but others there at the time will remember) dropped a clanger and was removed as all his Corporals were about to mutiny!
    Among those that come to mind from those days were the SSM Dick Washbourne (I think now deceased); his replacement Roy Lazell; Ron Janvrin the Aussie Troop S/Sgt who was later a QMSI in Chatham with me in the bridging wing. Incidentally the Aussie Troop Commander circa 1967/8 was Captain Frank Hickling who went on to become the Head of the Australian Army and then the Head of the Australian Armed Forces. Dick Jenkinson was the S/Sgt C of W (M) so I will tell him of the blogspot; Chippy Carpenter was the Workshop Troop Sergeant (not heard of him for years); Percy Vessey was my troop sergeant who left the Army as a WO1; Archie Archibald (ex Infanteer) was another troop recce sergeant (hopeless combat engineer but brilliant as a soldier in the ulu); Dave Purvis (who I have kept in touch with and played golf with for many years) was an MT Corporal; Mo Day was a Plant Op Cpl and Mo and I were also in touch for a long time as well. Danny Archer was a clerk and a very good footballer; Ray Coleman then came as Chief Clerk and was a very highly qualified football referee. Big Ray Payne came up from Singapore as a Clerk of Works (C) and was a good cricketer and basketball player but I heard that he passed away a few years ago. Tom Smit (no H on the end!) was a resources lad who went on to be a C of W (E) and Ian Foote was a Cpl who went on to be a C of W (C). I am sure that other names will come to mind as i keep looking at your site.
    I am sorry to say that I have not attended any reunions but now that I have your blogspot to look at I will see what I can do. Not sure what I have to do to attach myself to the blogspot but will do so soon and meanwhile if you wish to use any of this email to add to the blog please do so. Thank you again for your letter and I am sure that I will keep in touch. Must see if I can dig out any photos - I am sure that I have some of the part of the road built by 34 Sqn on Post Crown that collapsed with vehicles sinking in the middle that 11 Sqn repaired winter 1967-68!
    Yours ever
    Dick Leonard

  23. Phil Peet
    A quick email - I served with 11 Sqn from Oct 69 until disbandment in Malaysia in 70 when I moved to Hong Kong Sp Sqn. LCpl draughtsman in Project Office. I was lucky enough to find the blog last week - would like to hear from anyone who may remember me!

  24. Geoff Lambourne21/7/09 17:03

    Geoff Lambourne
    Hi Hank, With regards to
    Diamond Lil, she was a very well
    known prostitute in the Butterworth area, I find it hard
    for someone in the Sqn up at
    Butterworth to have to ask who
    Diamond Lil were, even the Japs
    knew her.

  25. From Geoff Woolatt
    I commanded Park Troop 11 Indep Fd Sqn in the good old days, co-located with 410 Plant Troop in Butterworth and living in Penang. Must have been early 1960's. OC was Bruno Elgood, followed by Peter Campbell. It was glorious, all real engineering building roads and bridges in the jungle, Kota Belud Airfield in Sabah etc. I just saw the Sqn move into 28 Bde huge new complex at Terendak outside Malacca before I left.

    Much later I was the Tech Engr in CRE(Ops) FARELF responsonsible for the support of 11 Sqn working on the Post Crown road project and was up there quite frequently. Jeremy Rougier was OC at that time.

    Not connected with 11 Sqn of course but to connect with your history, I was OC 5 Sqn in BAOR and Belfast 1969 - 1970.
    Cheers, Geoff Woollatt

  26. la respuesta Excelente (Persistant comment)
    Please stop wasting your time and mine in trying to sell your goods via my site. As you see it is removed immediatly.
    Thank you

  27. Anonymous13/1/10 16:30

    Has anybody got any info about
    Bill Rigby, i.e anyone know where
    he is or what part of the country
    he came from. I think he was in
    the Sqn 61/64 I hope that someone
    came help. Geoff Lambourne

  28. Anonymous24/1/10 10:05

    Dave Yeo I new a chap called Jasper but don't know if it's the same one you are looking for he was in the same room as me H.Q. troop 64 66ish i think he is in one of the photos on this webb site

  29. Anonymous24/1/10 10:21

    Dave Yeo jasper is in photo No 8 in my photo album nearest the camera

  30. Hello the person who left the message for Dave.
    You do need to let us know who you are when you use the Anonymous methode, no idea which photo album to look in

  31. Anonymous25/1/10 08:53

    Dave Yeo left the last message look in daves photo album picture No 8

  32. Anonymous19/1/11 08:11

    If its the same Bill Rigby who was with 3 troop he was a scouse. Was in Married quarters. We joined the Sqn together. I often wonered what happend to him myself.
    Brummie Gee

  33. Anonymous11/4/11 08:53

    Does anybody remember Harry Allwood Aussie Troop that left in 63. Was a good drinking mate. Originaly from Birmingham UK. Good footballer, represented the Commonwealth team at a international tournament in KL.
    Would love to catch up with him for a drink or three. I now live in Aussie so if he's around, Love to hear from him.
    Brummie Gee

  34. Anonymous15/5/11 11:15

    Hi to all who are going to the reunion on saturday. Hope its a bumper. Sorry cannot be there, but hope to make it next year.

  35. Anonymous29/1/12 12:44

    great site.i see people mean alot to each other and i think thats great.younger folks don t have the heart you lads have. keep doing what you do the best and thats having a lot of heart.
    charles willis

  36. Richard Clark0e7/3/12 16:31

    I think maybe some people are mixing me up with a later Nobby Clarke I was in 1 Troop 1957-60
    and organize the reunion in Coventry.
    Still looking for old mates from this time Lofty Night, Vic Vickers,
    Phil Haste.all from 1 troop and Jack Savage 3 Troop
    All the best Nobby

  37. I think maybe some people are mixing me up with a later Nobby Clarke I was in 1 Troop 1957-60
    and organize the reunion in Coventry.
    Still looking for old mates from this time Lofty Night, Vic Vickers,
    Phil Haste.all from 1 troop and Jack Savage 3 Troop
    All the best Nobby

  38. Alan Hollyoak14/4/12 19:50

    Alan Hollyoak Hi all who know or wish to remmember me from 11Sqd. My first exp. in the Sqd. was on an hearts and minds ex. in a place called "Gob" with Staffy Dick Leonard, where we built a school + other bits and bobs..I remmember many names from the time ,inc.Dave Pervis whose wedding I/we (wife) attended in Mellaca..All the lads in Brian Packmans M.T.sec.(I was a young L.Cpl. at the time) Not so fond mems. of a time on the 25 mt. range where the first round upset a hornets nest and 30 on men where left stung and legging it in every direction..of my better times times and qtrs at Bukit Barruh and the party at Fred C. pad,and the small local club,. Tan Jon Kling(where I nearly drowned after being knocked off a small boat on a sea fishing trip, which inc. the sqd. postie ??),Mayfair Gardens, and finallly 17 Stevenson Ave. in camp...Great times and great mems. in the camp nick named " the far east Butlns...

  39. Anonymous2/9/13 08:23

    Hello, is anybody here know about The Monument what we have found at Pos Gob in jungle South of Kelantan, Malaysia.
    The Monument written "Contructed By 3 Troop 11th Indeep. Fd. SQN RE Oct 1968"
    if anybody know about that and know how we found it, just email me >

  40. Hi I am looking to see if any body remembers and has any photos of my father Dennis Pendleton.
    I believe he was a Sapper whilst serving in Malaya and his total service was from boy service in 1957 ish to 1969 when he left 3 ( fd) sqn at Tidworth.

  41. Anonymous9/12/19 16:29

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