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The first reunion of ex-Members of 11th Independent Field Squadron, RE. Was held in1980 and organised by Jim (Paddy) Woods.
The possibility of holding a reunion had been talked about when Jim met with Eric Eamer and Darkie Turner at a Chatham ‘At Home’, Derek Bridal was also involved.
With the enthusiastic support of members and there wives, Jim was asked to organise a reunion in his area and WHITE GURKHA 1980 was born.
The code name White Gurkha was chosen because when 11th Ind Fd Sqn was in Malaya they shared a camp at Sungi Besi with the Gurkhas. They were at one end of the camp and
11th Ind at the other. The Officers seconded to the Gurkhas had a very high opinion of them but rather looked down on 11 Ind Fld Sqn. So they called themselves the

Arrangements were made and as many people were invited as addresses were available for at the time. The group assembled in the White Hart Inn, Newbold-on Stour, and nr. Stratford-on-Avon, (Jims Local) on Friday evening and had a meal together there. Saturday lunch was in Jim and Dorothy Woods home and the evening was spent in the WO’S and SGTS Mess at Long Marston, Nr. Stratford-on-Avon. This was at the invitation of the Resident RSM and because Jim was Honorary Mess Member.

The event was such a success that it was repeated each year until 1989, settling down to a programme of dinner in the White Hart on Friday evening and a magnificent Buffet in the SGTs Mess on Saturday evening.

The original group who were present in 1980 consisted of:-
Jim and Dorothy Woods Eric and Marie Eamer
Derek and Marjorie Bridal Johnny and Yvonne Adams
Bill and Joyce Kendrick Darkie and Gisela Turner
Danny and Pat Daniels. George and Joan Thompson
Dennis and Joan Gwatkin

Over the years the numbers grew as more names became available and in time they were joined by some of the Officers and their Ladies.
Major Gen. W. Cooper CBE, MC. Colonel TOG Cochran OBE, MC
Colonel C Mathews Major A.A Jackson

Jim and Dorothy Woods handed over the organisation on moving to Ireland and the reunion was re-established in 1993 by Johnny Adams and held in the Bath Hotel in Bath. It has subsequently re-located to The Old Mill Hotel Batheaston, which has proved a popular and convenient meeting place for most of the original members.
Currently organised by
Fred and Millie Aldred
History From Jim and Dorothy Woods

Coventry Reunion

6th 7th 8th June 2008

At the Holiday Inn J2 M6

The reunion organised by

Richard (Nobby) Clarke

It has to be said that this reunion was a huge success
due to the fact that the location was so central.
I will be adding the names of those attending soon
plus photos to the reunion album as they come in
so please start sending them ASAP


Dear Friends
Just a short letter to say thank you for turning up this weekend a great turnout Ninety-Five people and the hotel did us proud, good room's food was excellent we met old friends we had not seen for a very long time.It certainly paid off having it central for everyone; I have already booked the hotel for next year dates 5th,6th &7th June and forty-eight rooms block booked, I will confirm the prices at a later date.So come on find those people who are missing and lets make it even bigger next year.I have to say it was nice to have Gordon & Vicky Chave their and it would be even nicer to have more of our officers attend next year. Kind Regards

Richard (Nobby) Clarke

Please send me all reunion photos you
took to be included in reunion album
and remember to send self portrait so i can
name the group photos, job to remember
all names

List of those attending

Frank Holden
Ron & Chris Carter. Terry & Judy Davis. Ray & Pauline Lambert.
John Strudley
Ron & Miyra Davies. Chris & Jan Enoch.
George ( Yanto ) & Pat Nolan. Bill & Lillien Purvis
Pete & Ann Sutton. Bob Williamson
Roy Devlin
Bert & Ursula Morris. Bill & Maureen Murison
Dave & Pam Brunning. Richard & Heidi Clarke. Pete Dance.
Bill Cole. John & Rose Docherty. Pete & Cheryl Keddie.
Frank & Elsie Sowerby.
Dave Middleton
John & Lynn Toase.
Mike & Lee Godley.
Tiny & Pat Kennedy. Brian & Ann Marshall. Chris & Margaret Smith.
John & Margaret Bell.
Sid & Janice Hutchings. Geoff & Jeanette Lambourne.
Alex ( Sandy ) & Joan Melville. Alan & Sandra Metcalf.
Ken & Janet Williams.
Mike (Clem) Clemence. K C Holder. Ron & Wendy Heaton.
Hank (tich) Lawrence. Tony & Jen Mitchell. Fernley & Patricia Tout.
Sammy Moore
Ted Brown.
Gordon & Vicki Chave
Dave & Wendy Yeo. Bill Crothers.
Doug & Sue Hamilton-Cox.
Harry & Babs Brittain.
Pete & Maureen Alexander.
Steve Wilby. Clive & Lorraine Walker.
Alan & avis Hollyoak. John & Janet Lawton. Brian & Maureen Packman
Melvyn & Janet Williams.


Doncaster Reunion
21 June 2008
Reunion You were missed of course,but we had a nice time as usual we had another new colleague in that of Chris Smith (Smudge) he came up from Shropshire. I will send you a picture of the group shortly. The next Date is 11th July 2009 so we hope to see you then. Frank Sowerby, John Flynn Brian Marshall and me have just returned from the most fantastic two weeks in Penang Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu, we were treated like royalty and made some wonderful friends in The Kinabalu Club, who put on a luncheon for us to say nothing of the complete hospitality whilst we there one afternoon and evening. We have over 700 photo's and we had a projector to show everyone at the re-union. they are now talking of going back again after seeing them. Keep well all Regards Tony Anthony E Catherall
List Of Those Attending

Dave Middleton
John Flynn
Chris and Margaret Smith.
Geoff and Jeanette Lambourne
Keith Denby
Peter Keddie
Ian and Pat Kennedy
Bill Cole.
Frank Sowerby
Brian and Ann Marshall
Tony Catherall.


Return to Jesselton 2008

Tony Catherall John Flynn Frank Sowerby.
I Have decided to add this ref. to a reunion from the past
From Jim Woods in Ireland about Phil.
Phil Langley Passed away 27th June 2002 after long ilness.
Photo 1. His Wedding 1957.
Photo. 2. Group of some Officers and original N.C.Os of 11 sqn at annual reunion,
White Gurkha 1988 at W.Os & Sgts Mess Long Marston nr. Stratford-on -avon
Phil is on left of chelsea pensioner Tiger Benson former member of 11 sqn.
Photo. 3. Taken at a reunion again, Phil extreme right next to him Eric Eamer,
then Dennis Gwatkin and Jim paddy Woods
Jim is the only person of the groups alive today.
Bath Reunion 2008
At the Old Mill Batheaston
10th 11th 12th October
Fred Aldred Here, Just returned from the 6oth anniversary reunion of the Squadron.
Very good turnout and much enjoyed by all of us. Next year's reunionis to be on 9th&10th October and I have arranged to have a number of rooms pencilled in guaged on this years figures.
I look forward to meeting any of our Squadron and am able to accommodate up to 100. If you want details give me a ring on 01254830710 or E Mail
I promise I dont Bite.Look forward to hearing from you . I have several who were in the Sqn in the 60sRegards Fred
List of Those Attending
Jim & Dorothy Woods, Fred n& Amelia Aldred, Dave & Pam Brunning,
BobWilliamson, Chunky Allen, Bill & Maureen Murison, Taf & Lucy Bishop,
George(*Yanto) Nolan, Terry & Mary Long, Terry & Judy Davies(410),
Sid & JanHutchings,Harold& Anne Jones (not Sqn) Norman & Rosina Donaldson,
Doug & Edith Scott,Ted & June Owers, Gorden & Wendy Jefferis,
Alex & Shirley Jackson, Terry &Sarah Tullis,
Yvonne Adams & her daughter Julie Easter.


  1. from Hank
    Please add to the comments use anonymous but do add youe name in the message so others can respond.
    Had a great time and the years just fell away.

  2. Anonymous9/6/08 19:15

    It was great to see so many old friends meeting up again and having a great time it made it all worth the efort of myself and Hank.
    Looking forward to next year 5th,6th & 7th June to meeting you all again and more!!

  3. Anonymous13/6/08 22:00

    Gordon Chave
    Thanks for all your effort over the weekend. Not only did we both thoroughly enjoy the whole event, but it was very obvious that everyone there felt the same. Well done.

  4. Hi Hank,
    Alan Hodges
    Many thanks for the report. It must have been quite an occasion with people with links to 11 Squadron service over so many years - lots of waries I expect.

    Gordon Chave mentioned that he and Vicky were going so I expect to hear from him soon.

    Warm wishes


  5. Alan Hollyoak
    Thanks for making the weekend (Sat.P.M. for us) such a sucess ,it was great to meet you allthough briefly and you look younger than your pici....Best regards Alan

  6. Anonymous13/6/08 22:07

    Clive Walker
    Thanks for organising a great W/end Nobby & Hank, really enjoyable except for my cock-up on Friday night. I thought they would all look the same as 38 years ago, same as me.

    As you may know I wasn’t around much during Saturday, so can only imagine you all sang “The CRE” during my absence.

    Thanks once again, Clive (Swindon)

  7. Anonymous13/6/08 22:09

    Kenny Williams
    Great weekend is this what you want? Regards Kenny

  8. Anonymous13/6/08 22:11

    Pete Alexander
    Hi Hank
    Great weekend mate and good to meet up with you in the flesh so to speak. We really did enjoy it and many good memories were re-kindled
    All the Best mate

    Pete Alexander

  9. Anonymous13/6/08 22:13

    Chris Smith
    Many thanks to you both for a most excellent reunion. A lot of work went into making a most successful weekend.It was so good to see old mates and make new ones. Both Margaret and I are still talking about it. It was nice for the wives, although there was much "army" talk there was also much "wifes" talk. We are sure that they enjoyed it as much as thge 11 Squadron lads. Roll on next year. Again, many thanks. Chris (Smudge/JB) & Margaret Smith

  10. Anonymous13/6/08 22:14

    Mike Godley
    Nobby, Thanks for organising such a great weekend. Everything was A1. I know from having organised many things over the years, that things do not just happen. The amount of work put in is always reflected in the end result. None of us could have asked for more.
    sincere thanks from
    Mike and Lee

  11. Anonymous13/6/08 22:21

    Steve Wilby
    Yes I totally agree.It was an excellent weekend.The only observation I would make was the bar prices which I think precluded peoplefrom having a good old knees up.Maybe they would do a deal on bar prices next year.Happy hour perhaps.Anyway just a quick note to thank you and Hank for a well organised event and lets hope more people come out of the woodwork next year.Bye the way did Sid Hutchings attend?
    kindest regards
    Steve Wilby

  12. Anonymous13/6/08 22:26

    Doug and Sue Hamilton Cox
    Thank you both for the incredible hard work you did to provide a wonderful weekend for us all. It is much appreciated. We are looking forward to next year!!!

    Doug and Sue

  13. Anonymous15/6/08 21:56

    Hi Hank cant wait for next year hope to meet and enjoy a cracking weekend with old mates well done to you and nobby
    John lawton


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