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This site is run by myself ( Hank Lawrence) for the purpose of reuniting old comrades from the following Units that i served with during my twelve years in the army.

from 1958 aged 15 to 1969 aged 27.
58A Harrogate/Chepstow 1958-60
5 Fld Sqn RE 1961-62
11 Ind Fld Sqn RE 1962-65
Op Crown Thailand 1963-64
40 AESR Willich RE 1965-69

This website is for anyone who served with the above
units at anytime in there career.
Many of the photo links below no longer work
so head to my new main page to see all 
Before you do anything else
If you did serve in any of the units listed please contact me
with your details click on Hank.


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Thanks for visiting the site and i trust it will be very helpfull to many of you and please do contact me if you wish to post any special events to do with your Unit.



  1. looking for any one who served in the sqn between nov 64 and may 67 i am going to the reunionin oct i have some photo's of malya and op crown and will bring them along

    dave yeo

  2. dave can you send your photo's to me and i'll send them back once i've coppied me,

  3. Dave Yeo give me a call 01294312879 and we can talk Buff's

  4. nice talking to you on the phone dave. e-mail

  5. Was in 11 SQN 67-70 Thailand ,Hong Kong and Terendak .Anyone trying to get in touch with me my new e-mail is now

  6. The person who left advert for dresses note please dont waste your time they will be removed as soon as they appear do us all a favour.


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